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Taking our contracting services to the next level − we offer front to end construction and site work for all our solar and renewable energy installations.

dyna construction
Laying the Groundwork.
dyna construction
Laying the Groundwork.

Let’s face it, it takes clear vision and a passion to problem solve to develop and deliver on our client’s ideas.  Dyna Construction‘s vision is to revolutionize the design and construction process of sustainable energy systems while staying in line with our client’s goals.  Our mission is to design and construct high quality sustainably minded projects with total project accountability, safety, and efficiency at the forefront.

The success of a project is all in the details.  We make every effort to complete comprehensive, quality, and efficient work for all our contracts.  We develop processes to maintain consistency across the board so our teams stay laser focused on excellence as an end result. 

In Construction – delays, problems, and hang-ups can get in the way of progress.  We take pride in our ability to problem solve and think outside the box when a barrier to progress comes our way.  Our motto is to think 3 steps ahead and “anticipate, anticipate, anticipate.”

We believe the foundation of starting any construction project is with thinking about how it will affect those living or working around it. This means that we lend our expertise on the individual needs of our clients, giving attention to the details that matter most to the people who mean the most.  

Why Choose Dyna?
Why Choose Dyna

The benefit to working with Dyna Construction is we perform trades such as concrete, steel, and sitework to stay competitive and deliver the best quality and value.  We are your one stop contractor – ready to fulfill the needs of whatever project you can dream up.

  • General Contracting
  • Excavation
  • Site Work
  • Concrete Foundation
  • Steel Erection
  • Turn-Key Solar Energy System Installations
  • Turn-Key EV Charging Stations Installations

Dig In To Our Process

As contractors, we know time is your most valuable asset. Working with multiple contractors on a single project can lead to slower progress, holding your project back from meeting important deadlines.

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With our construction team on the job we stay at the helm, keeping the job running smooth and on schedule.
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